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6 Leading signs of an unhealthy life of a CEO

Signs your health routine needs a change as a CEO

An unhealthy life isn’t just about diet and exercise.

Do you think a healthy lifestyle means eating healthy meals 3 times each day and calling it a success?  You can’t out-exercise a bad diet or neglect ever internally cleansing your body.

If just eating correctly were the key, your energy levels would not be draining just after hitting the 8th hour of the day when you eat “right”.  Your health depends on your diet, detoxification, exercise, sleep habits, stress management, and mental well-being.  It is a lifestyle that can be created with slow and steady change that makes the shift stick.


Why do CEOs need a wellness shift away from an unhealthy life?

It is strange to accept that a well-planned routine might be faulty.  Sometimes, we forget that making a plan is not just about following it An unhealthy life of a CEO carries forward to the team.religiously.  There exist some hidden indicators stopping progress, some ignored symptoms, and some alarming signs silently preying on your health.   Interestingly, you allow them to do so by just not paying attention.

If you care about being the CEO of your health and success, this blog is all about revealing some of those alarming signs. Your unhealthy life, low energy, and stress can be felt by your team.  They will follow their leader with lackluster performance and disengagement.

Scroll down to know the causes that can disrupt your personal life as well as work-life balance, before it’s too late.


6 Ignored signs of an unhealthy life of a CEO

The proverb “a sound body has a sound mind” suits perfectly with the life of a CEO.  As a CEO, you live by doing hard lifting for your business or corporation.

By making the right decisions and rejecting the wrong suggestions, you might be winning your money goals.  Your personal life goals have yet to be included in this race.  These goals need a healthy version of you to succeed in every way.  Until you are sure about your health needs, your growth path will remain blurred and make it difficult to have clear goals.

So below I have made a list of 6 signs to help you determine whether your current lifestyle is healthy or needs a shift.


Low energy levels

If you are a CEO, you are the “energy” of the whole business.  You have to lead, direct, strategize, implement, reject, suggest, decide, and do all of the heavy lifting necessary to run your company.

This set of responsibilities requires active participation and present-mindedness.  If you observe low energy levels but avoid taking them seriously,  you should not.  It is a symptom of a tired body, not just mind fatigue.

A list of causes that dim the fire to create low energy levels, aka fatigue in the human body, are:

  • Heavy workloads
  • Conflicts
  • Financial pressure
  • Feeling of failure
  • Sleep problems
  • Toxicity
  • Decision fatigue
  • Poor diet
  • Alcohol intake


Weak immune systems create an unhealthy life

A stressed environment weakens the immune system.  It does not mean that a simple 16-hour-long family event caused you stress, and now your immune system is begging for mercy.  Instead, it’s the prolonged stress attacks you are trying to avoid.  It may be a combination of work and your personal life stressors.

The immune system functions as the army for our body against any invading pathogens, bacteria, viruses, or diseases.  The ability and resilience of your immune system are paramount to your survival, not just how well you feel.  Researchers highlight that when your body lacks vitamins, trace minerals, and fatty acids, you become more susceptible to getting dis”ease” caused primarily by inflammation.

People with weak immune systems get some diseases such as:

  • pneumonia
  • bronchitis
  • skin infections

It is no surprise that there is a recurrence of diseases that do not occur in healthy people who have a strong immune system and a balanced lifestyle.


Saying yes to every social event

Meaningful connections are your net worth.  Networking within odd hours is a big NO unless it is incredibly significant.

Saying yes to every networking call or e-meetup eats up your leisure time and can leave you stuck with your overwhelmed mind.  This not only affects your decision-making abilities, but the control and power factor of your personality also suffers.  You can feel irritable, overstretched, and very overworked mentally.  It is pretty similar to running low on high-performance fuel.

Since your energy multiplies your team’s performance, your stuffed head will not be able to lead your team in an exemplary way.  You need downtime to re-energize and reflect.  Mentally it refreshes your mind as sleep renews your body.

The mind racing can grow into anxiety.  This happens because of not giving your mind time to declutter the useless information it is holding onto.  Consequently, it may bring on depression and trigger the anxiety-causing elements that remain blocked in your mind, increasing blood pressure levels, fatigue, and cloudy thinking.


Sedentary lifestyle 

Dr. Sandra Scheinbaum, a licensed clinical psychologist, portrays the truth of today’s sedentary lifestyle by saying: “Sitting is the new smoking.”

If we look at the after-effects of not including any physical activity in our routine, this claim seems true.  Obesity, high blood pressure, and high blood cholesterol all branch out due to physical inactivity.  We tend to think exercising requires a bigger time window, which is impossible to manage for executives.  In reality, a simple walk of 30 minutes per day fulfills the daily dose of exercise.  I can help you to fit 50 minutes into your workday with my Health For Life wellness program.

You may be avoiding doing exercise due to the global misconception that exercise is only for losing fat.  An expert on the evolution of human physical activity, Dr. Daniel E. Lieberman, called this idea “the biggest debate around the planet”.

Ellevest founder, Sallie Krawcheck said this statement when she was asked about the relation between exercise and health:  “The only thing that helps me in stress is exercise.  It’s got to be cardio — low impact.  It removes the pit in my stomach and improves my insomnia.”


Lack of discipline contributes to an unhealthy life

CEOs do not have the luxury to complain about 14-hour long flights making them sleep deprived.  This is why some people claim “being CEO is a health risk.” However, this is totally due to mismanagement.  Healthy CEOs know to make personal time non-negotiable.

Kriss Carr, the wellness advocate, was diagnosed 20 years ago with Incurable Stage IV Cancer.   She suggests using the routine tracker in her recent recent video.  This tip is significant to keep a check on your previous bad habits, current goals, and future to-do’s in a manageable way.  Since being a result-oriented CEO your focus needs a shift on what needs to be done to achieve your goals.

Starbucks’ CEO, Laxman Narasimhan, highlighted the importance of work-life balance for him by saying:  “ I’m very disciplined about balance.  If anything comes up after 6 pm and I’m in the town, it is a pretty high bar to keep me away from the family.” 


Dissatisfaction with your work

The surroundings of the C-Suite executives can be quite thankless.  Perfection paradoxes in the corporate environment do not give you enough credit. A lot of times, you have to be the solution to every minor to a major problem in your company.

The result is you do not get dissatisfied with your work but bottleneck with burnout.  Some other nominal causes of CEO burnout are:

  • Not separating your personal and professional lives
  • Poor eating habits
  • Lack of exercise
  • Not practicing technology-free time
  • No stress reduction practices utilized
  • Using alcohol to relax
  • Not taking one-on-one communication to solve the problems quickly

Notable signs of burnout are:

  • Mental & physical fatigue
  • Delaying challenging tasks
  • Insomnia and/or dependence on stimulants
  • Constant complaining
  • Recurring sickness or weakness
  • Negatively analyzing every situation

The results are the feeling of constant exhaustion and dissatisfaction from your work.  This takes you away from your goals in life personally and professionally.  We can correct the symptoms of an unhealthy life, they are not necessarily a permanent condition you have to live with forever.


Hair Analysis and an Unhealthy Life

CEOs develop strategy and drive execution for the company.  However, the strategy of a CEO’s life can often affect the growth and strength of a business- positively or negatively.  Therefore, C-suite executives and business owners are not only responsible for understanding the digital and cultural transformation of companies but for accepting that it all begins with them.

Hair Mineral Analysis can measure your adrenal burnout and mineral deficiencies that may be holding you back from your true potential.  We can use natural solutions to give you back your balance!  We can craft an individual diet and supplement plan along with targeted detoxification to clear your mind and body.

If you think that your lifestyle needs a healthy change, then I can help you!  LET’S CHAT to discuss your situation confidentially, on a one-on-one call.


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