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How do I lose weight with the right diet for my body?

How did I get here and gain all of this weight?

Did you tune out, give up, or give in? Weight can add up fast when we stop moving or give up on our health habits.  So many people working from home in sweat pants have realized they have fallen off of the self-care wagon and need to get back on track.  Navigating the “how-to” can be difficult if you don’t have a solid solution based on your individual needs.


It took time to gain and will take some time to remove but there is a solution to figuring out what diet is right for your body’s needs. There is not a quick fix or fast track that is safe and lasting (short of signing up to be coached as an Olympian).  Real weight loss releases fat stores, not water weight or muscle loss.


You are not too far gone nor is it too late to get healthier!


What is within fat and how do I lose the weight?

As a Hair Analysis Expert, I’d like to share that your excess fat will store toxins such as heavy metals and even emotional trauma to keep you safe. Opening them up releases the things it was protecting you from in the first place, so slow and steady wins (even though we would like otherwise).


Heavy metals, hormone imbalance, bad diet, lack of exercise, water retention…there are many causes to weight gain. Looking for answers can lead to real and permanent solutions.


Maybe you need more support, real solutions, and a health plan that is specific to your individual needs?  Instead of the quick-fix diets, potions, or pills that only result in gaining the weight back, let’s get the core…your cells.


There’s no denying eating healthy can be hard at first, but just like any other habit, it can be easier in time with the right guidance. The cravings and bad habits simply fade along with unwanted weight.  Knowing exactly what your body is needing to rebuild is key.  The nightly draw to sugary or starchy foods will dissipate while inflammation fades.


How do you feel emotionally, mentally, and physically?

Let’s face it, being overweight can be uncomfortable 24/7 in your own skin. It can also be SO much harder than changing habits.  At times, it may be like walking around in a snowmobile suit all day with a 40# bag of dog food on your back and at times or feeling like self-punishment.  It is no way to live and you deserve to feel confident, energetic, and happy!


Being overweight can take its toll physically, emotionally, mentally, socially, and sadly, even socioeconomically.  It can be more than a lack of willpower keeping you here as mentioned.  The simple calculation of calories in-calories- out doesn’t always work.


Your body may be holding on to your weight for many reasons including self-defense against releasing toxins it has stored to keep you as healthy as possible or hormone imbalance due to heavy metal toxicity.  You may need to regain muscle to increase your metabolism after your body has catabolized (disassembled muscle for energy) for fuel.


When is the best time to start a diet or dietary change?

You don’t have to wait for Monday, New Year’s, or after the holidays! Today is THE day!


Every day you take care of your job demands, family, and obligations before your self-care at times.


Now it’s YOUR turn to address and care for your health. You deserve to take the time and effort so you can live the life you’ve wanted and be here longer with your loved ones.  You will not only lose excess weight, but you will also stop symptoms and disease progression while gaining natural energy.


Where do you start with dietary needs?

There are hundreds of “perfect” diets that don’t work for most. I’ve seen more disasters with Keto than I care to share.  You don’t have to count calories obsessively or die in a gym for hours every day. Let your body tell you what it needs to rebuild nutrition, remove toxins and restore your life.


The specific needs are within, waiting for you to listen. Your Hair Analysis can eliminate the guesswork by using science and your body, to show you the way toward Health for Life™.

The solution is on the top of your head so LET’S CHAT!


Learn more about how weight affects your body and what diet is perfect for you.

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