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Eggs, the perfect protein!

7 Reasons to eat eggs!

Are you wondering why eating eggs are a great source of protein?

We all need to eat an adequate amount of protein to maintain muscle mass and for good nutrition.


Did you know eggs are more than just protein?

Let’s crack it open!

  1. Protein is a great way to start the day but this little source is packed with 6 grams to stabilize your blood sugar well as give you longer lasting mental and physical energy.
  2. Unlike processed “food” items, eggs don’t have a complicated ingredient list, preservatives, or additives. At approximately .25 each, they are a power-packed bargain for your budget!
  3. They are always gluten-free and can be made in so many ways when combined with cooked veggies, raw cheese, and even meats. They are also very easy to digest for those struggling to digest meats or have reflux issues.
  4. Eggs don’t have pesticide/herbicide contamination as they are airtight and prepackaged.
  5. They pack 9 essential amino acids !

    These include:

*Leucine-protein synthesis for tissue regeneration, generates energy (ATP), and metabolism.

*Lysine-absorb calcium, and forms collagen for bones, skin, tendons, cartilage, etc.

*Methionine-an antioxidant to detox heavy metals, protect the liver, and protect against ionizing radiation.

*Tryptophan helps make serotonin (feels good hormone), melatonin (sleep hormone) helps the liver make B3 make energy and DNA.

*Phenylalanine produces proteins that help depression, skin disorders, and pain management.

*Histidine-used in medications for allergy diseases, rheumatoid arthritis, ulcers, and anemia that is due to kidney issues.

*Valine increases energy and endurance, lowers blood sugar, increases growth hormones, and repairs muscle tissues (helps when building muscle).

*Isoleucine helps to control blood sugar, create muscle quickly, improve healing, and increase energy as well as endurance.

*Threonine-necessary amino for making 2 others that create collagen and muscle tissue, particularly important for your heart where it is significantly found.

6. They have Zero carbohydrates and no sugar. That means no after breakfast blood sugar crash!

7. Eggs are rich in Choline which promotes normal cell activity, liver function, and the transportation of nutrients throughout your body. Your cells are your cars to deliver vitamins and minerals so you want to keep them tuned up.


For my vegetarian peeps, I am a HUGE animal lover and completely understand your stance on eating animals, however, hens will lay eggs regardless if there is a rooster.


The eggs would and will never develop into another animal just as human females ovulate without fertilization. Cage-free, free-range chickens such as mine are raised in a happy environment and will gladly supply you with food for $5-10 a week.


How many eggs should you eat a week?

Men should eat approximately 8 per week, women 6 but egg whites (where most of the protein is at) are wide open and very low in calories.  I do not however encourage anyone with an active, diagnosed cancer to eat eggs or red meat as cancer loves to use it to grow.


When you are nutritionally balanced with no free radical or oxidated cells lying around, you can eliminate one easy place for cancer to live.


If you want to learn more information on removing oxidation, better health, and see where you need to improve your cellular health, do a Hair Analysis…

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