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19 ways to naturally boost your energy

Are you feeling tired but wired at the end of the day?

Needing to boost your energy naturally? Maybe your get up and go, got up and gone?

It’s hard to kick start the morning without a lot of coffee, fight the 2-4 pm slump filled with brain fog with a strong desire to nap only to lay awake at night can be a thing of the past.  Let’s look at causes and solutions!


19 Reasons you’re feeling fatigue:

  • Stressed out
  • Mineral Deficiency
  • Heavy metal toxicity
  • Poor sleep quality or quantity
  • Nutritional deficiency due to a poor diet
  • Lack of exercise
  • Adrenal burnout
  • Low Vitamin D level
  • Sugar imbalance
  • Thyroid malfunction
  • Environmental toxicity
  • Toxic relationships or having an energy “vampire” pulling your energy.
  • Boredom
  • Skeletal misalignment needing a chiropractic adjustment
  • External stimulants
  • Inadequate or inappropriate supplements
  • Dehydration
  • Mentally sluggish
  • Slow motility bathroom habits


How to naturally boost your energy levels:

  1. Kick stress to the curb from every angle possible. Use exercise, meditation, prayer, read, sing, laugh, do deep breathing, or try creative outlets to let go of the daily mental/emotional/physical stress locked up in your body.  Anger or sadness may be a biochemical reaction to heavy metals that needs to be detoxified.  If you need help with more ideas, let me know!
  2. Avoid anyone that sucks your energy. You know, “that” person you leave a conversation with feeling drained, mentally wiped, or negative after an encounter.  There are people I see with a Hair Analysis Test that show energy vampires.  They pull it from you silently or blatantly as a narcissist.  They need to be eliminated or avoided as much as possible if you are trying to heal.
  3. We are all exposed to heavy metal toxicity through our environment, foods, water, medications, etc. so having open elimination pathways is key to detoxification. There are internal and external ways to flush them to remove many symptoms or potential disease.  Over 400,000 Americans die annually due to underlying lead toxicity causing diseases alone.
  4. Go to bed earlier. I know we all want to squeak in downtime but your body really needs to shut down.  Your best quality of sleep is the hours before midnight so lower the room temp, remove electronics within 6-8 feet of the bed, shut off WiFi, and rest longer.  Knowing what you need and if you are not able to fall asleep, stay asleep, fall back asleep we need to chat.  It may be as simple as a Calcium to Magnesium imbalance.  If possible, a power nap can help your brain to reboot and clear debris while working through challenges subconsciously.  Find the right pillow or soft foam roll for neck support while you’re at it.
  5. You may be exposed to mold, chemicals, or elements in your environment that are making you sick. Some of my clients who struggle with parasitic infections are even hypersensitive to WiFi and electronic devices.  Eliminating contamination from personal care products, cleaning products, and commercially processed foods is a must along with detoxification.


    What about exercise?.

  6. Take a walk or do a quick 2 minute High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) session such as jumping jacks, squats, lunges, etc. to increase your blood flow, oxygenation, stimulate the lymphatic system, and raise hormone levels. Instead of binge-watching zombies, go for a walk outside for sunshine, fresh air, and re-grounding to nature.
  7. Adrenal burnout is when you are stuck in fight or flight all too often. The adrenal glands are exhausted from being whipped all day to wake up leaving you tired and wired at the end of the day in a state of exhaustion that sleep doesn’t help.  This may be due to mental or emotional stress just the same as being physically wiped out. By combining physical and mental protocols it can put that fire out.

    What tests can help to improve your overall health and energy levels?

  8. Calcium, Magnesium, and Zinc regulate your sleep as well as your calming ability. If one of them is too low or high it is bio-unavailable. A Hair Mineral Analysis can show you exactly where your cellular levels are at and how to correct them with targeted supplement and specific dietary changes.
  9. Most of us are low in Vitamin D at some point and if you aren’t getting 20 minutes of full sun daily you most likely are too. It is linked to fighting many illnesses from Covid-19 to cancers along with decreasing depression.
  10. Checking your blood thyroid levels (not just your TSH) is a great place to start if you gain weight, have dry skin, cold extremities, and fatigue daily. A better measurement is your Hair Analysis as we can see if you have a mineral issue or if the hormones are converting properly at the cellular level.

    What dietary changes can help to boost your energy?.

  11. Crave sweets and carbs? You could be leaning on sugar to keep going.  Try to eat half of your plate with a variety of veggies and don’t skip breakfast.  To jump-start your metabolism and bring your blood glucose up, you’ll want to start with a protein at the least.  Try sautéed onions in real butter with a few organic eggs in an omelet topped with raw cheese.  Saving a complex carbohydrate as a 2 pm snack will give you more sustained energy than the vending machine sugar rush.  Low glycemic foods will stop the sugar high and crash cycle as well.
  12. One or more nutritional deficiencies can throw off your whole body.  Taking a mineral that is deficient will not “fix” an issue.  Finding WHY the mineral is low while balancing them all at the same time is key.  If one takes Iron because blood work says they are low, they could be contributing toward Iron toxicity. This is where my expertise with Hair Mineral Analysis testing can make a world of difference.
  13. Take a supplement program individualized to your specific chemistry. If you are guessing, you could be contributing toward toxicity or not be getting enough of specific minerals and vitamins. The right formulation of professional brand supplementation can restore a quality of life you didn’t think was possible while assisting your body to remove free radicals, toxins, and heavy metals.
  14. Increase many types of fiber within your diet. It will “feed” your probiotics (good bacteria) and help to move digestion so you won’t be slow in eliminating toxins or waste byproducts that may be reabsorbed..

    What habits can you change to help to boost your energy level?.

  15. When we are bored we tend to practice bad habits. We overeat, binge watch TV, play games with no regard to time or others, etc. Being unproductive wears on our psyche leaving us listless or depressed.  Try new things, meet new people, experience things you’ve always wanted to do, volunteer, practice acts of kindness, and practice self-care.  Interrupt the dead-end cycle.
  16. Good Chiropractic care can be a big part of physical healing when the energy flow is interrupted. They can help you stay aligned to reduce inflammation and increase mobility.  Please don’t underestimate weekly or biweekly visits to stay strong while improving your digestion, immune system, mobility, and energy levels.
  17. Having a nightly cocktail not only disrupts your sleep but inhibits protein synthesis for up to 24 hours. Alcohol is converted to sugar and stored as fat throwing off hormones and inhibiting your adrenals from recovering.  The average American eats 150 pounds of sugar annually triggering inflammation, weight gain, and insulin resistance among other health issues. Insomnia can be debilitating.  Caffeine and cigarettes will also act as a temporary stimulant when one is tired only to leave them even more wiped out when the immediate craving passes.
  18. Drink ½ your body weight in ounces of pure Spring Water daily to stay hydrated. Dehydration can decrease your energy levels by up to 30%!  If you would like a list of non-fluoridated brands, email me.
  19. Rubbing peppermint oil or a citrus blend on your skin can naturally wake your brain up to help focus on afternoon work that needs your mental acuity. Along with clearing the heavy metal toxicity that is interfering with your mental strength on a full nutritional balancing program, this can help to pick up your mood.


What can be making my fatigue worse?

There are thousands of supplements and hundreds of fad diets that will most likely make you feel worse.  Who wants to feel the Keto flu?  You need a sustainable dietary plan that will nourish your body while working to control your metabolism to be fuel-efficient.


Avoiding or ignoring detoxification is one of the biggest oversights to regaining your energy.  If you never cleaned your house it would quickly become toxic.  The same happens when our elimination pathways are blocked, clogged, not stimulated, or assisted at times.  Simply put, the trash builds up leaving the perfect place for disease to grow.


Randomly taking a supplement is not a wise practice.  No one wants to be a guinea pig with medications or supplements.  Guessing is gambling hoping that something might work.


A few examples would be if you are a fast oxidizer/metabolism and take B vitamins for energy, you are throwing fuel on the fire of your already tired adrenals.  If you overdue Vitamin C you could be increasing your stored Iron.  It may sound like a good idea but if you are already oxidizing (rusting) it, you’re adding to the pile of Iron Toxicity triggering symptoms appearing as anemia.


Don’t try to guess, just do a Hair Test!

  LET’S CHAT about science based natural solutions specific to your health goals and needs.


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