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Tips to stay on track with your fitness goals.

Tips to stay on track with your exercise for your 2022 fitness goals!

Have you lost your mojo with your fitness goals?

It has been months since so many of us make new health-related goals.  Statistically they fade by February to early March so let’s revive your goal to make it a habit.

You have time to get the summer body you want, to rebuild your immune system before the dreaded cold weather or flu season returns.


Here are a few exercise tips that might be helpful, inspiring, or revive your routine!

*Make your exercise time NON-negotiable


*Track your progress with pictures of yourself weekly, measurements of the inches on your body, legs, and arms as well as the bathroom scale.


*Due to the fact that you may gain muscle while burning fat, don’t let the scale dictate your success, journal how you feel.  Stronger, faster, breathing easier, more flexible, emotionally more upbeat, empowered, proud of sticking to it, etc.


*Plan your workouts.  Will you be doing a certain cardio exercise or lifting weights for different body parts on specific days? Just as a meal plan is imperative, so is your workout plan.


*Invite a friend to go on a physical fitness journey together for support and encouragement. You could even do a zoom yoga/stationary bike/treadmill walk workout together. You don’t have to be physically together but can stay socially connected with a shared goal!


*Track your nutrition. You can use a notebook or an app on your phone. I personally love Transphormation which helps you track water intake, macronutrients (fats, carbs, protein), workouts, and more. It is $13.00 a month but I always have it nearby and it calculates the numbers for me. You can search for foods or enter your own data. There are also free apps for the basics.


*Park farther from places you visit, stand or walk while working if possible, take the steps when it’s an option, or do physical activity with the family that would otherwise be on the couch.


*Search Pinterest for free visual pictures of specific exercises or Youtube for free workouts. I have found a great one at

Brian also has a free log for your workouts at 


*After you have had a good workout, make note of how many calories you burned so that next time you are tempted, the memory of your effort may be enough to stop the temptation.


Are you looking to get healthy naturally?

These are just a few tips for improving your physical health.  If you really want to get serious, let’s look into your cellular health with a Hair Analysis.  We will know exactly what supplements and dietary needs YOUR body desires to rebuild nutrition, remove toxins, and restore your energy!

LET’S CHAT about your health goals!


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