Learn more about us and why hair analysis!

What are your specific health concerns?

Heavy metal toxicity, exhaustion, adrenal burnout, copper toxicity, general fatigue, digestive issues, inflammation, thyroid issues, disorders, disease, multiple symptoms, etc.   

We can address your individual and unique needs where your health is today.  There is no average or generalized guess work, so we know which direction to go for the future health improvement.  The focus is on the whole body system and not just the symptoms or a temporary remedy to mask symptoms.  

Can you get and feel better?

The sooner you begin to detox and rebuild the sooner you will feel changes physically, emotionally, mentally and symptoms will improve!   

All can benefit at the cellular level from babies to the elderly with a simple, tiny haircut. Toxicity doesn't discriminate or hide in a hair analysis.

Why wait to correct imbalances and live a healthier life?  

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Read more on the actual testing at ARL, the history with over 44 years of experience in this field, as well as the  minerals and products produced at Endo-Met Labs.