What your natural health consultant sees on a Hair Analysis?

Why use Hair Analysis?

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As your health consultant I will help you learn your individual:   

*Adrenal status and possible adrenal burnout 

*Kidney and liver health Toxicities and Detox abilities
*Protein utilization and catabolism
*Cellular Thyroid health
*Blood sugar and carbohydrate tolerance at the cell level
*Cortisol or aldosterone production
*Life energy vitality (Sodium/Potassium) ratio
*Mineral imbalances
*Cell health status

Why is this different than other tests?

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This is essentially the roadmap to YOUR body's needs from the foundation out.  It gives us direction and specific indicators to help answer most of the unanswered questions.


Your blood is like a checking account stealing from the cells which saves reserves.  When the cell is empty you are seriously in disease or closed with no more to give.

Let's find a starting point to begin the path to the destination of feeling, looking and BEING our best!

Connect with Lisa personally for a FREE 15-45 minute consultation!

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Why Choose The Wellness Program?

What is a Health For Life© Wellness Program all about?

Your 12-16 week Wellness Program includes:

  • A 2 hour (more if needed) Extensive Intake Consultation to review your diet, medical history, medications, sleep habits, hydration, motility, gut issues, symptoms and exercise habits among other issues.
  • The initial Hair Analysis lab test AND retest.
  • A detailed report for each test explaining the levels, ratios, suggested health changes, how the cells are processing glucose, adrenal and thyroid health at a cellular level. 
  • Explanation of how/why to use multiple detox modalities, lifestyle improvement suggestions for stress and so much more.
  • Supplement recommendations according to your oxidation (slow/fast) with explanations of why and what they do to rebuild cells, energy and functions.
  • Specific dietary changes (not a trendy fad generalization) for optimal nutrition and metabolism.
  • Personalized One on One weekly phone meetings with me to review your progress and to introduce changes gradually. I will answer questions or concerns with unlimited email access through your retest to be your support and accountability. 
  • Emailed tips on special occasions, traveling and cooking suggestions.
  • Suggestions for non-toxic cleaning and personal care products.
  • Science based product information for grounding, removal of pesticides and reducing disease causing free radicals.

*Step by step cooking videos done by a professional chef 

showing you how to cook a healthy, tasteful new way of eating

 (coming soon)!

Why work with Lisa?

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Not only have I been in your shoes (read About Me), I have worked with clients globally since 2011 to help them achieve their best health to live a full quality of life. We have to start from the cell out to get better in every way.  As a Certified Nutritional Consultant I have the personal and professional detox experience to show you the way!

In my Health For Life© Wellness Program I work one on one with you weekly to guide you through the proven lifestyle, dietary and detoxification changes necessary for YOUR specific chemistry. 

You will have access to me through phone calls and emails for any questions or concerns.

I have successfully helped clients with Crohns Disease, Celiac Disease, SIBO, IBS, MTHFR, hemochromatosis, infertility, panic/anxiety attacks, depression, weight gain/loss, breast & lung cancer, arthritis, diabetes, schizophrenia and more.

Only YOU are in control of YOUR health. Choose to invest in your wellness now, instead of paying with illness later!

HSA and FSA accounts can be used toward your Hair Tests and Supplements!! Ask me how.

Which path will you take to change your life?


Health for Life Wellness Program


Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

Take full control of your health with a complete program as described on the home page including before and after hair analysis testing.  Beyond the Show Me The Way path, I will be coaching you weekly through lifestyle changes, detoxification, personal care, customized dietary/supplement recommendations to guide you in achieving your naturally optimal health!


Show Me The Way


Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

This includes your hair test, full 7-11 page report, 30 minute follow up, Detoxification Protocols, Supplement Recommendations/explanations, 4 monthly One Hour follow up calls, Tracking diary, Toxic Metal Symptom guide and unlimited email access to Lisa for questions or concerns.


Where Am I?


Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

Purchase your test kit to be mailed to you by your natural health consultant with a collection envelope and a cardboard scale to ensure enough hair is sent. This includes the test results and supplement recommendations and supplement explanations only. No follow up consultations or protocols.  Save by prepurchasing your retest kits now!

Call me if you would like to use your HSA or FSA card.

How to do ONLY a hair test with supplement recommendations?

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 Set up a 15 minute consultation via email or calendly above then: 

(1) Purchase your Test Kit(s) below. 

(2) Download and complete the Client Document below.  

*New clients return the GENERAL INFORMATION SHEET below and email them to me.  

*Retests require the RETEST INFORMATION SHEET that will be emailed to you.

(3) Follow the instructions in cutting a sample below.  Please call if you have any questions. 

(4) The whole process will take approximately 2 weeks depending on mail time and lab turn around time.  Both the graph and supplement recommendations will be emailed to you.

5) I work through email and USPS so there is no need for your to travel to an appointment.  We can work together toward building your health from anywhere! 



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No refunds due to fees and time commitment incurred.


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