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How I recovered my life from fatigue & toxicity

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After a struggle with infertility, my luck changed, and I became a proud mother of 4 beautiful daughters. I was SO HAPPY, but my body was not. I didn't realize how much trouble I was in until I became unable to stay awake to care for them. 

I fell asleep a Twins Game and ended up a joke on the big screen. That was my wake up call. My family needed me. So, I called my doctor. Countless medical appointments and extensive testing began. My doctors were unable to find a problem and dismissed me, encouraging me to see a therapist because of their inability to find the cause, can you believe that?!

I was left hopeless with nowhere to turn. Thankfully I found Hair Analysis through Dr. Marcia Gutkowski and Analytical Research Laboratories. She saved my life!! Two weeks after starting her program, my husband called her to thank her for giving him his wife back!

After such a drastic life change, I knew I had to help others!  Since 2011, I've been blessed and privileged to work with (, helping people improve their quality of life.

The process of correcting our imbalances rids us of toxins that our bodies have stored as a protective defense mechanism. We don't force correction. We supply the necessary tools to help the body purge and rebuild at its own natural pace.

Are you ready to see mental, emotional, physical, symptomatic, and scientific improvements?

There is no quick easy fix, but I can work with you to find your healthiest self that will last for added longevity and better quality of life.  


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